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If you could have one superpower what would it be?

i’ve always wanted to be able to pause time because holy shit i could do so much. i could sleep in and never be late, i could have ages to finish homework or art or costumes way before their due date, i could punch people in the gut without getting in trouble, i could go anywhere i wanted without risk of being stopped by someone, i could steal huge tubs of ice cream and omfgghhgghghhggh it would be great.

What team are you? Team Waffles or Team Pancakes?

we barely ever eat waffles in australia, so the only time i’ve had them was when mum bought a frozen pack that you cook in the toasted and they were kind of ehh so by default i am team pancakes because they taste like delicious heaven. also they’re so fucking deliciously versatile it’s like woW I CAN PUT ANYTHING IN OR ON THEM AND IT WILL BE A COMPLETELY DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE HOLY FUCK SJKHKJHFKJHKSJHSKJH yes.

What’s your favourite candy?

i love literally everything there is to love, but my favourites are jelly lollies (i fucking refuse to call them candies get out of here america ugh) by the natural confectionary company (doN’T CUT THE DINOSAUR DADDY) and like omfg they are just so squishy and good and make my face ache ofmghdmhd.

If you could change your eye-colour, what would you change it to?

i quite like my eye colour the way it is, but if i could change it i’d have like bright ass green or blue because bright eyes are nice yep and if i took pictures of my eyes then i’d get loads of notes because all the hipsters would reblog it and maybe i would bleach my hair and dip dye it pink then i’ll get even more notes hmmm..

Favourite season? Spring? Summer? Autumn? Winter?

it’s really hard to choose because 260 days of the year in aus are like boiling as fuck, then like 80 are freezing cold and covered in frost and wind and thunderstorms and the remaining 25 are kind of okay weather and these aren’t specified by seasons so i never actually know what anything is but if i had to go by  what normal countries have, i’d say autumn because i kind of like the cold but not the super cold and i like rain.

Who’s your favourite celebrity?

oh god i have so many sO MANY DJKHDJKH but at the moment i’d have to say michael rooker because i just want to rub my face all over him and be his bff and go to parties and have fun and braid his hair except i can’t because it’s like barely even there but that’s fine and we can just be chill and play call of duty even though i hate it but i’d pretend to like it for him.

Are you a wizard, a Jedi or a demigod?

i’m a fuCKING ROBINSON so i’m just really hot

You get thrown into a gladiator fight with zombies, what’s your weapon of choice? (Only gladiator weapons, no firearms or explosives)

okay this was probably never allowed or existed in a gladiator fight times, but i’d totally use piano/garrote wire and set it up at a general head/neck height a little distance away from me so if the zombies came towards me their heads would get chopped off/up and if they got through it somehow i would probably use another zombie’s head to smash their head in yep.

that or like a battleaxe, they’re cool. 

What is the craziest outfit you have ever worn in public?

basically every cosplay i’ve ever worn.

You can go on holiday anywhere in the world, all expenses paid. Where would you go and what would you do?

i would either go to italy and see/eat like eVERYTHIGN or i would go to america and go to georgia and find my way into AMC studios and just lICK MICHAEL ROOKER’S ARMS

What game world would you rather be sucked into?

either LA noire so i could lick roy earle or maybe borderlands because it’s chill except i would die loads oR ACTUALLY NO I’D GO TO THE MEET THE ROBINSONS WORLD FROM THE GAME AND LIKE CHRIST JUST RUN AROUND THE HOUSE BECAUSE IT IS SO MUCH FUCKING FUN OMFGHHGHFSJh also wilbur omg

my questions to you:

what would you do if you died and became a ghost?

what time period would you most like to live in (including the future)?

if you could automatically become a master at any instrument, what would it be?

what colour hair have you always wanted?

i’m really hot, aren’t i?

have you ever chased an ice cream truck?

what is your zombie-slaying melee weapon of choice?

fold or scrunch?

what’s the hottest temperature you’ve encountered (in celcius and fahrenheit)?

if you could remove one fandom from existance which one would it be?

how many gingers are in your family (including yourself)?

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